SAHARAS – Shake My Fever (2018)

SAHARAS standing in the forest
Image courtesy of SAHARAS

SAHARAS have recently released their new single ‘Shake My Fever’, and I am more than ready for it.  Having heard most of their other songs, I am interested to see what this four-piece alternative rock band has to offer.  The UK-born band is comprised of Fernando Rocha on vocals, guitar and synths, Daniel Lisle on drums, Matt Elrick on bass, and newcomer Alex Lisle on guitar and backing vocals.

‘Shake my Fever’ is a track about a girl that is all-consuming.  The only thoughts the guy has is about her; her lips, her dress and her ‘detail’, as the band puts it.  As defined in the dictionary, a fever is ‘an abnormally high body temperature, usually accompanied by shivering, headache, and in severe instances, delirium’.  This definition pretty much sums up the song and the way this girl makes him feel.  She makes him nervous, and she is confusing to figure out.  When the band sings the lyrics, ‘come, get closer’, I think this is a way of him telling her to open up and trust – to come closer figuratively and literally.

The lyrics are accompanied by epic melodies and tunes that are carried throughout the song.  The song starts with a quiet beat, and then immediately jumps into the loud and funky tune that sets up the whole song.  I found the instruments were an overpowering feature of the song, which I think tied in with the song meaning.  Having a fever makes you delirious, and the instruments have a way of getting in your head to make you forget the lyrics.  The song has electric vibes to it, which adds layers to their already alt-rock feel.

‘Shake my Fever’ is an interesting and fun song that has a way of being stuck in your head and consuming you, like a fever, making you want to listen to it over and over again.  I think it will do well with listeners and create even more fans for their already big following.

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