Verity White – Own Me (2018)

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‘I don’t think I could have done anything else.  You know when something is just who you are, and that’s me.  I am a singer; I am a songwriter – I’m not happy if I am not those things’ – Verity White

‘Own Me’ is the newest single from singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom, Verity White.  Her musical style is a mix of 90’s rock, grunge, metal and classical soul.  White’s lyrics express true experiences and use guitars, synths and strings highlighting the emotions present in the story she’s telling.

Verity has a myriad of influences that have contributed to her musical style.  Aretha Franklin made her want to sing in the first place, to Nine Inch Nails who were pushing the boundaries of industrial rock and electronica.  White wanted to be her own voice and to be empowered as a female.  ‘I also wanted to be feisty and female.  I wanted to be empowered like Veruca Salt, Skunk Anansie and Le Tigre.’  While musically Verity has inspiration, lyrically she relies on her feelings and emotions.  ‘When I write music, it’s more insular.  I take true emotion and turn them into lyrics.  All of my music is from the heart and honest, I think fans like that.  It’s about being human.’

‘Own Me’ is meant to empower women.  To White, it calls out everyone who has ever told her who she should be and why she couldn’t do what she wanted to do with her life.  Women have the right to make their own choices and be who they want to be, regardless of what anybody says.  The overall vibe of the song reminds me of both Joan Jett and Pat Benatar in a hardcore rock and roll style.  Jett, Benatar and White are also similar in that they are all strong females who use their music and voices as a way to empower women.  ‘Shine’ is to Pat Benatar as ‘Own Me’ is to Verity White.

‘Own Me’ is just one of the many songs Verity has released.  Within the last year, Verity has released her debut album Breaking Out, two EPs (Parentheses and Stripped Bare), as well as a double A-sided single ‘Too Much/Look Inside’, giving White the reputation of being a prolific songwriter.  The release date for her second album has yet to be announced but is expected to drop sometime between this winter or spring of next year.

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