Sam Hankins – It’s Okay (2021)

If you like jazz and trumpets, you are in the right place. Sam Hankins brings a unique style to his latest single ‘It’s Okay’ that encompasses all the good bits of jazz, trumpets and groove. Featuring Bickley Rivera and David McLorren, the single shines with exciting vibes and his exceptional musicality.

While his previous tracks have taken jazz lovers to a new dimension, this one weaves a spell that has you listening to it again and again. Hankins is not only a stellar trumpeter, he also has an impressive resume as a musical educator. He has won awards as a Band Director and played with some legendary names including The Temptations, the Glenn Miller Big Band, Clark Terry and Al Jarreau. Even if you are not currently a fan of jazz or trumpets, this song is sure to change your mind.

Rolling drums and groovy tones open up ‘It’s Okay’ to get you vibing to the melody. There are some electronic tones that sing out over the drum before Hankins’ trumpet makes an entrance. The trumpet picks up from where the opening line leaves you and pulls you along a musical path. The gentle movement of the trumpet has an amazing storytelling quality to the flow that has your brain full of colours and lights.

The lower levels of the melody rise to meet the trumpet and bring a conversation of sound. There is a wonderfully chill vibe to the music while still being groovy and making you want to shimmy and sway to the tones. The steel drums add a wonderful new layer before the trumpet comes back to dance around your head. This is a rather interesting jazz mixture as you get a touch of something reminiscent of Sadao Watanabe only for it to be slowed down to a vibe that is all Hankins. You can easily listen to this song again and again while the sun warms you.

Sam Hankins fills you with a unique take on jazz trumpets through the groovy and completely mesmerising tones of ‘It’s Okay’. The instrumental single has an almost conversational storytelling quality to the melodic movement. Each instrument brings a new enhancement to the track while letting the trumpet really shine.

Find out more about Sam Hankins on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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