SamSeb Kierkegaard – Luna: The Invisible Irony (2021)

SamSeb Kierkegaard is introducing us to his upcoming EP with the single ‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’. The single is the first chapter in the story of Luna, Moonlight and Uncertainty the Monster, and reflects on dark inner thoughts. The dialogue-style lyrics draw you into Luna’s story. Luna escapes from the City of Reality and is chased by the monster which portrays uncertainty, while trying to pursue his happiness and dreams.

Steeped in Luna fluctuating between denial and conviction, the single introduces us to the characters of the EP, while diving into some serious topics. This step into dystopian fantasy is packed with emo rock and post-hardcore tones that use the influences of the different bands Kierkegaard loves. Dark and quirky, it is an engaging taster for the EP and stands well on its own.

‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’ thrashes into your ears with a blistering pace. The guitars push against your ears, as the drums shake up your inside. The intense opening drops when the vocals enter for a steady drum movement and lighter guitar tones. Everything picks up again as you reach the chorus, with a vibrating guitar line that thrums into your chest. While there is an energetic movement to the melody at times, the emo tones make themselves known. This comes through in the touch of aggression woven into the guitars, as they flow through the soundscape. It is an engaging melody that creates the perfect foundation for the lyrics, which have a dialogue style at times, before moving into a narrative.

The vocals enter with a distant call that reaches over the horizon and beckons you into the unknown. As the music drops, Kierkegaard’s voice lays out his thoughts and sets the scene for the story. There is a feeling of yearning for something more than what you currently have and the idea that things will be better somewhere else. This turns into the story of the journey from the City of Reality to the City of Dreams. As we venture into the unknown with Luna, we are treated to his contradicting emotions, as he moves from knowing he doesn’t belong in the City of Dreams to the yearning for what it has to offer. It is a poignant story that carries a greater message, which waits in the shadows for each listener to identify it.

The official animated music video brings the journey of the lyrics to visual glory. In the video, we get to meet Luna, Uncertainty and Moonlight. The lyrics display across the video adding to the storytelling vibe of the single, while capturing the emotions of each character. It is a wonderful video that offers a new edge to the single and paints the picture laid out by the music and vocals.

SamSeb Kierkegaard draws you into the journey of ‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’ which wonderfully sets the scene for his upcoming EP. The music is full-on from the first moment, as the guitars sing and the beats push you into the unknown. The vocals are emotive as they lay out the thoughts and failings of the characters, while also setting the stage for the journey.

Find out more about SamSeb Kierkegaard on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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