The Cookie Jar Complot – CAVIAR CAPITAL (2021)

The Cookie Jar Complot are filling our ears with four raucous tracks in their first EP CAVIAR CAPITAL. With atmospheric post-rock blasts that slide into funky goodness, they get you rocking to their sound, while moving like a crazy person. From lush openings to guitar-driven tapping and roaring choruses, the EP has something that everyone will enjoy.

The instrumental tracks come from the musical brains of Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener. The duo started making music together in 2020, while writing for other Luxembourg-based artists. Their compelling instrumental tracks fill your ears with dynamic rhythms that draw you into their post-rock soundscapes, layered with infectious guitar lines.

The EP opens with the lush tones of ‘NEO’ that sets the tone for the release as a whole. The light ripple of guitar draws you into the single, which has a very chilled vibe. The layers of the music will have you floating in the soundscape as the instrumentation swirls around you. The rolling drums push you forward down the melody, while the guitars start to pick up steam. It is a rather heady mix of sounds that you get a little lost in, in the best possible way. As you float along the music, you feel every bad feeling sitting on your chest rise up and drift away. The guitar shines through this track and it is so wonderful, as the different guitar lines call out to each other.

‘TFO’ continues the guitar-driven tones, but uses a very different approach. The plucking tones of the guitars meet a steady stream of tumbling guitar notes. There is a lot going on in this track, as the layers of sound overlap. Each layer seems to be doing its own thing, but come together to form the perfect vibes of the track. You feel the urge to move around to the music, but this is gentle encouragement, rather than an overwhelming coiling of muscles. This track really showcases the musicality of the duo with the layers bringing something new to the soundscape.

There is an almost electronic feel to the popping tones that open ‘sweet dreams’. These opening tones meet a soaring guitar line, that leads you up and up into the heights of the soundscape. The upward momentum pauses for a moment, allowing you to rest and sink into the gentle tones of the music. Through all of this, a light dance energy makes its way into the soundscape, getting you to sway to the rhythm. The building feeling of the music has been masterfully handled as you creep upward. The guitars offer encouragement that is tempered with a word of caution.

The EP closes with the no-nonsense opening of ‘Tides’. The drums beat against the back of your skull, while the guitars grab your hand and pull you further. Leading to the chorus, the drums creep along the low levels, while they have you rolling down the street. When the chorus hits, you are swept into a soaring movement that sees you flying high above the ground. The weightless feeling of the music is unbelievable and made more powerful by the drop to earth that follows. A darker roll of guitars takes over and build toward the end chorus refrain that roars through your senses.

The Cookie Jar Complot enthrals with the tracks of their first EP CAVIAR CAPITAL as they roar through you and sweep you to new heights. Each track has its own feeling, which showcases the versatility and musicality of the duo. The guitar-driven tones are rather addictive, as they take you on a wonderful musical journey.

Find out more about The Cookie Jar Complot on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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