Samuel Andryk – Way Back Home (2021)

Healing after a breakup is a different process for everyone. Following a three-year relationship, Samuel Andryk took his sadness and regret and turned it into his single ‘Way Back Home’. Unleashing the heaviness he felt following the breakup, he soothes the rough edges left behind and helps others in their own healing process.

Incorporating the sounds of the city, he brings an organic feeling to the single in a refreshing and innovative way. His ability to help others with their healing process is not only a part of his music but his work as a coach. Turning his own struggles and experiences into a helping hand permeates through every note of his music and word of his songs while filling you with the sense that you can move on.

‘Way Back Home’ uses a soothing acoustic guitar tone to draw you into the softness of the track. The delicate guitar line is relatively minimalistic which highlights the vocals and the emotions Andryk invokes. There is a soothing feeling to the music that tenderly runs over the rough edges of your spirit leaving a sense of peace in its wake. In the latter parts of the single, the guitar line waltzes around the vocals and pulls you further under its spell. The tweet of bird song completes the easing of your soul and has you waking from the restive vibes strengthened and ready to face the world.

The simplicity of the melody bolsters Andryk’s vocals. There is a delicate vibe to his vocals as he lightly touches melancholic emotions and draws the pain from them. There is an almost cinematic or theatrical feeling to his performance. The soothing flow of his voice effortlessly draws negative emotions to the surface of your mind before skimming it off and leaving a wave of pastel softness in its wake. It is a really emotive and touching single that eases the parts of your soul you never knew needed it.

Samuel Andryk eases your soul and soothes the rough edges of your spirit as he works through sadness and regret in ‘Way Back Home’. The delicate feeling of the music enhances the tender embrace of his vocals. Every element of the single washes negative emotions from your senses and leaves you feeling lighter at the end.

Find out more about Samuel Andryk on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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