Ruiz! – 5 Seconds (2022)

With his single ‘Please Baby Please’, Ruiz! took us on a darker and edgier post-punk journey packed with synths and a gothic grittiness. He is now taking a complete detour in musical styles for the heady psychedelic pop bop that is ‘5 Seconds’. Through the music, he brings a sense of positivity to our ears as he looks at finding courage even in the most difficult situations.

Drawing on the inspiration of broken dreams, Ruiz! infuses an unmatched optimism into the track that makes you believe anything is possible. While the single has a serious hit of pop, the uniquely effortless blend of sound he has become known for shines through. If you need a reminder that things are going to be okay, Ruiz! has just what you need woven into the unforgettable tones of this single.

‘5 Seconds’ grabs you with drums that seem to come at you from all directions. There is a rather understated funky tone to the sound that has you bopping around to the beat. The higher electronic tones twinkle and tap with a really engaging movement. There is a lot going on in the melody but it has been combined in a masterful way to create a cohesive movement. Each melodic line brings a new flair to the sound while enhancing what came before and laying the foundation for what comes after. While there is a touch of psychedelia to the melody, it is not the retro style but rather a modern take.

As you are bopping around to the music, Ruiz’s vocals come through with an almost spoken-word movement. There is a slight disconnect between the modern psychedelia of the melody and the steady flow of the vocals. This contrast is great as it brings a new edge to the message of the track. The unending optimism of the lyrics creeps up on you through an arrangement that is quite unlike anything else you might be listening to. Later in the track, the vocals get their own hit of psychedelia as they waver and spiral into an acid drip. The layering of the vocals that come at this time enhances this feeling.

Ruiz! brings a modern twist to psychedelic pop while infusing an endless amount of optimism into the bopping sound of ‘5 Seconds’. The melody hits you with drums from multiple directions, before taking you into the modern psychedelic movement. His vocals have a spoken-word edge to them before echoing and layering into the movement of the melody.

Find out more about Ruiz! on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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