Saorsa – Call Me Out (2021)

If you have changed anything in your life, there is a transition period that is hard to explain to other people. Saorsa is able to do this through the four tracks of her EP Call Me Out. The tracks capture the moment in her own life in her mid-20s when she changed careers and moved cities. Encompassing all the scary moments and the feeling of diving headfirst into the unknown, the tracks are easy to connect with and engage with.

The EP includes two previously released singles that flow into the story of the EP. A highly anticipated collection of music, Saorsa packs it with enthralling instrumentation and angelic tones. Combined with her stunning vocals, she leaves you feeling all the emotions of change and at peace with these moments.

The sweeping piano that opens ‘Head First’ shudders into clicking tones. The seductive feeling of the melody washes over you and has you swaying to the rhythm. There is a depth to the music that reminds you of deep waters. Saorsa’s vocals have an honesty as the lyrics well up with the emotions of the track. There is a feeling of taking a plunge into the unknown that mixes with a relaxing feeling. Through her vocal performance, she eases the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with change while giving you some hope for the future.

‘Renegade’ uses a soft soundscape to get your attention. The delicate sense to the melody is almost theatrical. You can easily imagine this track being in a play with Saorsa standing alone on the stage and singing. The stripped-back melodics in start to swell as the song progresses yet retains the tender touch that makes it vulnerable and authentic. There is an early morning feeling to the track that makes you think of the weak and pale light entering the room as you reflect on life. The electronic guitar brings a new element as the vocals rise and break free of the contemplative feeling of the song.

There is a slow opening to ‘First Light’ that creeps into your senses. It is Saorsa’s angelic vocals that really pull you into the song before the twinkling tones of the melody glitter over your ears. Her voice is tender and touching as it twirls around you with a soft vibe. The combination of music and vocals make you think of the city moving around you as you stand still and take in everything in your life. Through the lyrics, there is an acknowledgement of the people in your life who are pulling you down and the desire to start everything over.

The EP ends with the title track ‘Call Me Out’ which brings that theatrical feeling back. The combination of a tender piano line and her vocals touches something deep in your chest and tugs. It is so emotive that you can’t help but feel the shivers of emotion in your chest. While the instrumentation is relatively stripped back, it is utterly enthralling. The harmonising vocals layer over each other to provide a sense of connection and the understanding that many people feel the same. This is the perfect ending to the touching EP as it lingers in the chest and brings all the emotive beauty of the EP together.

Saorsa reaches into your chest and tugs on your emotions through the tender and vulnerable tones of Call Me Out. Each song is as emotive as the last while capturing emotions that are often difficult to put into words. The softness of the songs is meet by the angelic power of the vocals.

Find out more about Saorsa on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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