A Chat with Last Point (20.05.20)

Last Point is the epitome of 21st-century skate punk! All the way from California, Josh Parkhurst (bass and vocals), TJ Carnal (guitar and vocals) and Matt “Animal” Glasgow (drums) are ripping up the rock scene Good Riddance-style. We had a chance to chat with Josh Parkhurst (JP) about their new single ‘Redeemer’, music videos, discovering new music and pineapple on pizza!

OSR: How did Last Point come about?

JP: All three of us have been in and out of different punk bands since we were 14-15 years old. TJ and I have known each other since we were little kids and eventually were in a band together for many years. Separately, Matt and TJ were in a band together about four years ago. Fast forward a bit, TJ and I started writing material for what would ultimately become Last Point back in 2017. After failing to find an adequate drummer, Matt stepped into the role for us in late 2018 and we have not looked back since.

OSR: What about the band name? Were there any alternatives to Last Point?

JP: We were back and forth for months with different suggestions and had made a huge list to choose from. We kept running into the problem of either the name we all liked and could agree upon was already taken or we didn’t really like a name that was available and felt like we were settling on a ‘less than’ option.  

We have a group text going for the band. One day, TJ just said like 2-3 back-to-back, one of which had ‘Point’ in the name. I immediately fired back with, ‘wait, what about Last Point?’ We all got very excited, checked out the availability and finalised it right then and there.

OSR: You recently released a Behind The Scenes video for ‘Redeemer’. Can you tell us about it?

JP: We shot most of the footage ourselves with GoPros and cell phones. Our director, Daniel Dreifuss, shot our performance footage and was responsible for all the editing and putting the video together. We wanted our first video to be genuine with our band’s introduction and truly show fans where we come from. We show you our practice space, the recording studio where the tracks were done at, the band on the road and some live shows.

OSR: Do you feel a Behind The Scenes video is more effective than a ‘normal’ music video? Why or why note?

JP: Honestly, we didn’t really approach it with any distinction between those styles of videos. We were just always recording video knowing that we would end up with a lot of footage to use however we wanted. We are a new band, so we did know that this type of video can be much more affordable, or possibly even free to make if one has the proper software and skills. You get lucky and have friends willing to help! Compare those to shooting something more structured with planned scenes, nicer equipment, et cetera and that can often require more funding.

OSR: What about the single ‘Redeemer’? What can you tell us about it?

JP: ‘Redeemer’ was one of the first songs we wrote for this project and is commonly the opening song of our set.  After my last band, I felt a disillusionment with the punk and hardcore scene and found myself quite alienated and depressed. Some of that can be blamed on me for how I choose to share my opinions in that band; some can be blamed on the people and ‘scene politics’ I was calling out. This song is about trying to offer a truce to myself and to others for those times. It’s about the ability to improve oneself and to say that this band, the music and the message are something different than before.

OSR: Does the single have a significant meaning to any of you?

JP: Aside from the above answer, I would say it does have a little extra meaning in the sense that it was the first song we all learned to play together as a true band. This song is a defining anchor of the group.

OSR: What do you want people to take from your music?

JP: We hope that Last Point makes you feel something positive and refreshing. This band is a very positive presence in each one of its member’s lives, so maybe someone else can relate to that when they hear what we’re bringing to the table.

OSR: Describe you sound in one word.

JP: Exhilarating.

Last Point playing live.
Image courtesy of GS Media

OSR: How do you think is the best way to discover new music?

JP: It’s a weird combination of live shows and the internet. Nothing beats going out to a DIY type show or club and seeing three or four bands play live and picking up whatever physical material they have at their merch table, whether its vinyl, tapes or CDs. Additionally, you can search the internet and discover a band from another region or country that you may never see live, but you become a fan and you can often buy their music digitally or even order physical stuff from the band or their label.

OSR: If you were a superhero what superpowers would you want?

JP: Self-healing and regeneration abilities, teleportation.

OSR: Pineapple on pizza – yay or nay?

JP: Nay.

OSR: What is next on the cards for Last Point?

JP: We recorded twelve songs and we are preparing to release them very soon. The music is all done and we are currently finalising the artwork and layouts. We had many shows booked all over California from March through July, but unfortunately, all of those shows have been cancelled or postponed due to the current public health situation. However, we aren’t letting that slow us down at all. We have written new material, made more of our DIY merch, and we are even exploring adding a second guitarist to our line-up.

OSR: Any message for our readers?

JP: We would just like to thank anyone in advance for giving a few minutes of their time to check out our video, our music, and to read this interview.

Thanks to Josh Parkhurst from Last Point for chatting with us! You can find more about Last Point on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp and YouTube.

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