Sapienn – Provocateur (2021)

Sapienn has taken a detour from his usual sound for the single ‘Provocateur’. The more upbeat and groovy sounds wrap around a message of accepting your own flaws. This is bolstered by the reminder that you don’t need to worry about what others think about you. While different from his previous releases, it carries his rock foundation with some RnB and pop thrown in.

Continuing to draw on his underground metal scene experience, Sapienn pushes on in a more rock direction. In the last year, he has gradually released an album that has been met with acclaim. With a merging of years in the music scene and psychedelic synths, the single sends you soaring into his soundscape.

‘Provocateur’ hits you with some groovy vibes from the first second. The notes that pluck their way into your brain have you getting down to them before the light RnB tones wash over them. There is a wonderful blending of sounds that creates a melody that is funky, groovy and intoxicatingly smooth. Woven into the music is this thread that makes you want to move to it. Later in the track, there is a dip in the grooves of the music for a heavier RnB hit before the synths grab onto you. There is a really wonderful synth solo that takes your imagination in a new direction.

Sapienn’s vocals continue the upbeat vibes of the music with a touch of RnB. There is also a wonderful hint of melodic rock to his performance as he turns your attention to your own flaws. On the chorus, he fills you with the knowledge that you don’t need to conform or care about what others think about you. There are moments of harmonisations that add to the depth of the music before his vocals grab your hand to pull you in again.

Sapienn uses a groovy and upbeat melody to encourage us to accept our faults and not worry about what other people think in ‘Provocateur’. The melody has an intoxicating groove to it that sinks into your bones and will not budge. As you get down to the music, his vocals lift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself.

Find out more about Sapienn on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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