Poe the Passenger – Heart Strings (2021)

Poe the Passenger are continuing their energetic reminder to love yourself with ‘Heart Strings’. With a bit of nostalgia laced into the music, they consider inner growth and truly accepting who you are as a person. The relatability of the subject and the infectious melodics will strike a chord with all listeners.

Jeff Pridgen (vocals, guitar), Trent Marderosian (drums) and Matt Rosenblum (bass) mix modern tones with some nostalgic vibes for an authentic and enthralling sound. Looking to bring a positive change to the world, they ignite something inside you as you listen. With more energy than you can imagine, they help you accept the world and your place in it with wonderful authenticity.

‘Heart Strings’ opens with Pridgen’s vocals which draw you into a story laced with nostalgia. The lyrics have a wonderful storytelling vibe to them that paints the picture of the track clearly against your eyelids. The passion in his vocals builds through the verse to burst on the chorus. There is a sense of young love to his performance that is wrapped around an exploration of emotions and new situations. As you explore the emotions of the single, you are pulled into the growth of the narrative as you find out more about yourself. All of this comes through in the passionately emotive flow of the vocals including the utterly riveting chorus that you want to shout out loud.

Beneath the passional vocal performance is an equally infectious and enthralling melody. The guitar of the opening lightly pulls you into the drums as the vocals weave their story. There is an enhancement of the nostalgia in the melody that gives way as the music soars into the chorus. The musical arrangement is as captivating as the vocals on the chorus before the guitar sings out.

Poe the Passenger draws you into an exploration of young love and inner growth in the nostalgia-tinged tones of ‘Heart Strings’. Through the lyrics, you explore the emotional journey of youth, questioning the depth of relationships and finding who you are in the world. This is complemented by an engaging melody that enhances the passion of the vocals.

Find out more about Poe the Passenger on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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