Sara Phillips – Nobody Loves You (2021)

Sara Phillips is taking on some hard and heavy emotions through her single ‘Nobody Loves You’. Written after the death of someone close to her, she brings the feeling that people don’t care or appreciate others until it is too late. While touching on this feeling, she also looks at the loneliness that comes from moving away from friends and family.

These heavy emotions are delicately approached through her tender tones. With a unique style to her music, she carefully crafts emotional songs and stories through unapologetic lyrics. With an impressive body of work, she has been gaining attention on the music scene and her songs have been featured in the TV series ‘Good Trouble’.

‘Nobody Loves You’ draws you in with Phillips’ tender and breathy vocals. There is a heaviness to the emotions in her vocals from the first moment. There is a paced pop flow to her vocals on the chorus which does nothing to detract from the almost overwhelming sadness that threatens to overtake the song. She carefully crafts lyrics that have rich poetry to them while bringing the messaging of the single home. There is a heavy emotional hit resting in the slightly dreamy flows of her vocals.

Beneath her vocals is a melody that seeps loneliness and sadness in the opening. The delicate opening tones tug on your heartstrings while the beats that come in later only drive the emotions of the vocals home. There is an interesting interplay between the pop beats and the sadness of the vocals. This interplay brings a unique edge to her music with the beats making you think of happier pop songs only to have this drawn down to the heaviness of the track.

Sara Phillips takes on some heavy emotions in the breathy tones and melodic interplay of ‘Nobody Loves You’. Through the single, she tackles loneliness and the idea that nobody really cares until you are gone. While bringing these emotions to the fore, she does not offer closure, instead leaving you to draw your own conclusions.

Find out more about Sara Phillips on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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