NVision – The End (2021)

Are you in the mood for a rock song that is all moody atmospherics that transition into a catchy chorus with some passionate and emotional riffs? Well, NVision has just what you are looking for in their single ‘The End’. The single captures the passion and emotion of the band setting it to instrumentation and vocals that take you to a new dimension.

This rather epic song comes from Alex (keys, vocals), Nate (drums), Kevin (guitar) and Phil (bass). The powerful band garnered a lot of attention with their debut EP and made their FM radio debut in 2020. When the world opens up for gigs again, they are hoping to capture more hearts through a string of live shows. Until then, they are hooking listeners with this single.

‘The End’ hits the ground running with the opening that is a blast of sound. This drops for a really moody atmospheric tone that is soft background tones and engaging beats. The atmosphere is left in the dust when the chorus hits and the melody recaptures the energetic thrust of the opening. On each verse, the music drops again for the almost brooding atmosphere. The guitar solo that comes in later takes the entire song to a new level as it rises against the drums.

The vocals come in as softly as the music on the verses as Alex paints the scene of the single. When the chorus hits, his vocals take on a new passion as he calls out against everything that is trapping him. The drop of the passion for the sadness of the second verse is wonderful as it slowly builds back to the impassioned calls of the chorus. You are going to want to turn the volume up for the chorus as you shout out with the band. If this is your first taste of the band’s sound, you will be hooked to their passionate display.

NVision uses a dynamic melody full of smooth dips and passionate calls to fill you with the emotions of ‘The End’. From moody atmospherics to passionate calls and engaging guitar riffs, the band lets you know why you should add this single to your favourite playlist.

Find out more about NVision on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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