Screams From The Sun – Keep On Running (2020)

Some people view life as a run where the only way to discover more about yourself is to constantly move forward. This idea of constantly learning about ourselves is the basis of ‘Keep On Running’ by Screams From The Sun. Through their music, the band looks at the constant evolution we go through and how we can have fun while learning about ourselves.

Through a combination of positive vibes and uplifting melodies, Francis Jupiter (vocals, guitar) and Mimi Out (drums, synths) express the concept of finding yourself. The pair have been honing their sound since 2017 and their energetic performances have been gaining them fans across the board. Bringing 80s synths and a bit of fun, they will have you feeling good while listening to this single.

‘Keep On Running’ hits you with some 80s vibes from the first moment with pulsing synths. There is a deep drum that draws you further into the melody while those synths zap across your ears. The melody is engaging and gets you hooked to it a little too easily for its own good. You will want to move to the rhythm before it drops and then go a little crazy when it picks up again. The drop and slight swing in the melody after it is a great sonic representation of the constant evolution people face throughout life.

Over the melody are Jupiter’s extremely engaging and infectious vocals. There is something about his performance that grabs you and does not let go. At times, his performance has a soaring feeling to it that borders on anthemic. At other times, there is grounding feeling like your feet pounding against the road as you run.

Screams From The Sun fill you with 80s vibes and make you want to run along a stream of positivity with ‘Keep On Running’. The melody hooks you from the first moment and draws you into the positive vibes of the song. The vocals add to this through the infectious delivery that soars and grounds you at the same time.

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