Lexi Lemonade – How Could I (2020)

Putting yourself first can be difficult, but self-love is something that you should avoid putting on the back burner. This is something that Lexi Lemonade understands and beautifully articulates in her latest single ‘How Could I’. Using a raw soundscape full of introspective lyrics, she reveals the importance of self-love and how it is necessary even when choosing what is best for you is unpleasant.

The touching soundscape created by Lexi Lemonade has been honed over the years since she found the inspiration she needed in college. Following her debut single ‘Drip’, she is pushing the boundaries and showing what else she has in store for us. She also fills you with anticipation for her upcoming EP.

The opening of ‘How Could I’ draws you in with a range of swirling sounds that bubble their way across the soundscape. This gives way to a relatively minimalistic melody full of light piano notes. The understated melody creates a haunting backdrop for the vocals. While the melody is simple, there is a raw feeling threaded through each note. Later in the song, the deep pounding drum and more contemporary RnB melody bolster the messaging of the lyrics while retaining the raw emotion laid down from the start.

Lexi Lemonade’s vocals are the star of this song as she draws you into the introspective lyrics. From the first word, she beautifully articulates how self-love, or the lack thereof, affects the rest of life. Her soulful delivery has a hint of airiness that places the performance on a different level. The flow of her voice pulls you into her introspection while making you think about your own life and the hard decisions you might need to make.

Lexi Lemonade uses a raw soundscape full of introspective lyrics to look at the importance of self-love in ‘How Could I’. The minimalistic melody allows her vocals to shine as she draws you into the hauntingly beautiful articulation of why you need to take care of yourself.

Find out more about Lexi Lemonade on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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