Sean Jones – She Is (2021)

Music doesn’t have to be revolutionary to be great. This is something that Sean Jones has tapped into with his single ‘She Is’. Talking about love in a unique way, the music is reminiscent of 90’s RnB with beautiful lyrics, amazing harmonies and a sweet melody. If you are looking for a song that brings something new while touching on the familiar, this is the one for you.

The single is a lead-up to Jones’ album which is due for release in October. In the last year, Jones has found himself immersed in writing and self-reflection which led him to sounds that are familiar yet somewhat forgotten. With a musical range that stretches from soft rock to RnB, Jones thrills the senses and offers a mix of slow jams and upbeat vibes.

‘She Is’ hits you with some smooth movements that slide perfectly into your senses. There is a great old-school RnB vibe to the music that makes you want to shimmy to it. The beats vibrate gently in your veins while the higher tones flitter across your brain. It all combines to create a seductive flow of whiskey smoothness. Woven into the melody and highlighted by the twinkling notes that run across the beats is a tenderness. The sweetness of the melody is a subtle burst of nectar against your ears as it fills your chest with a blooming love.

Jones’ vocals continue the old-school RnB vibes of the track. His voice is all smoothness and satin slides that you can’t help but ride through the track. He has amazing control of his performance as his voice rises and falls against the melody. The harmonisations are tight and add to the rich feeling of the melody. As you get a little lost in his performance, you are filled with the affection and tenderness of the lyrics. This is an unbelievably effective love song that you can easily listen to at any time.

Sean Jones takes the best elements of old-school RnB and effortlessly wraps them around tender affection and love in ‘She Is’. The melody is a seductive slide of RnB smoothness while his vocals are a rich satin coating. Together, they create a single that is utterly beautiful and makes you want to sink into it never to be seen again.

Find out more about Sean Jones on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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