Desarae Dee – Take a Step (2021)

Most of us dream about reaching our full potential, but achieving this always seems just out of reach. Desarae Dee is here to help us achieve what we want with the instrumental tones of ‘Take a Step’. As the title suggests, she encourages us through her music to take the first step toward our potential even when this is the hardest.

After taking the first step with Dee, the path becomes clearer with each step being a little lighter than the last. The positive boost of the single rides the blended style of her music. A jazz fusion instrumentalist, she combines jazz, electronic, soul and RNB for an emotive sound that sinks into your soul and lifts you up.

‘Take a Step’ rises in your ears with a rather interesting opening. There are layers to the melody that work a bit at odds in the opening. The humming ease of the one line is contrasted by the popping of the synths. This opening moves into a more melodic flow as the synths take centre stage and hit a slightly jazzy vibe. The piano line that swims out of the synths is easy on your ears and helps you breathe. The interplay between the piano line and the synths is wonderfully executed as they merge and separate with ease.

As the song progresses, the beats that rest under the piano and synths continue to lead you like a heartbeat. Twinkling and bubbling tones take over from the synths to fill your chest with good vibes. Through the movement of the music, you get the sense that the sound is pushing you like a strong tailwind propelling to forward to what you want to achieve. The high tones of the music fill you with lightness and a sense of hope which stays with you long after the single has ended.

Desarae Dee fills you with a sense of easy hope and knowledge that you can take the first step to achieve your dreams in ‘Take a Step’. The instrumental track is a wonderful blend of organic piano tones and light synths. Together, they form a solid push that gently eases you forward and that remains with you for a long time.

Find out more about Desarae Dee on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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