Serena Sophia – Diary of Thoughts (2021)

There are experiences that we face that leave us feeling hollow and a shell of who we used to be. Serena Sophia has taken the immense hurt she felt in the past and turned it into the uplifting debut single ‘Diary of Thoughts’. With soulful vibes, the track not only considers the hurt she felt but also highlights the decision to move on and learn to love herself again.

Drawing on personal experiences and taking out the notes from her diary at the time, Sophia creates a compelling soul-pop sound. With the help of Eric Lennox Devion, she moulds her diary entries into a relatable soundscape. The pair met through a group for musicians in Scotland and have turned abstract emotions into a solid melodic flow.

‘Diary of Thoughts’ gently drifts into your ears with a soft opening that gradually gets louder. The gentle waves of the music have you floating in the soundscape and on the tails of memories. There is a cinematic feeling to the music that brings a lush satin feeling. The music is an interesting combination of soul and pop with silky tones covered in deep vibrating pop sounds. There is a hint of darkness to the music that gives you the feeling of working through bad experiences but there is also lightness. This is enhanced when the music picks up for a solid soul and contemporary pop soundscape.

The soulfulness of the single is bolstered by Sophia’s vocals. As the gentle melody floats in the soundscape, her voice is what brings the soul edge. There is a smooth depth to her voice that wraps around you like smoke. She has a lot of power in her vocals which slice the emotions of the track under your skin. Through her performance, you feel the hollow hurt that is amplified by the light melody. As the music swells so do the vocals and your emotions until you are filled with the sense that you can move on.

Serena Sophia helps you heal through the soulful and emotive tones of ‘Diary of Thoughts’. The movement of the music and vocals acts as a journey from feeling like a shell to realising that you can move on and love yourself again. Through the depths of the single, you are filled with strength and gain a sense of closure.

Find out more about Serena Sophia on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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