Shattercones – Love On Repeat (2020)

Shattercones formed in late 2018 and have created soundscapes for a number of immersive theatre and audio-visual projects. The band consists of Arran Goodchild, Jason Powdrill, Neil Walsh and Dermot Watson. From their debut EP Oppenheimer, they have released their new single ‘Love On Repeat’.

The song is a perfectly miserable country track that mopes just the right amount. The track spends just the right amount of time wallowing in its own tears and beer.

‘Love On Repeat’ does not waste any time and opens with some melancholy vocals. There is just an acoustic guitar and the vocals to lay the foundation of the song. This is done so effectively that you can’t help but be hooked.

The song is a slow march of sadness and would not be out of place as the wallowing soundtrack in a western movie. There is a wonderful desolation in the tracks lyrics and vocals but it does not cross the line into over the top depression. The arrangement of the track is relatively simple, but there is a depth to it that echoes the lyrics and emotions it evokes.

Shattercones allow you to wallow in misery through the desolate ‘Love on Repeat’ but never go too far. The track is a perfect balance between depressing melodies and emotive vocals. Listening to this track will make you want to hear what else their debut EP has to offer.

Find out more about Shattercones in their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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