Simon Andersson – Better Day (2021)

If there is one thing that the last year has taught many people, it is that we need to help each other. Simon Andersson has picked up on this with his single ‘Better Day’ which looks at being there for others. While offering a helping hand, the single also considers how much we all need someone willing to help us. Touching on the fragility of the world, he reminds us that standing together is the only way to move toward a better future.

This hopeful single is the first solo release from Andersson in two years and signals a new chapter in his music. Bringing a blend of pop and indie rock, he showcases why he has been making a name for himself in the music scene before spending time co-releasing music.

The piano in the opening of ‘Better Day’ is gentle against your ears. The guitar soars through the soundscape from the distance before there is a thrust of music. The melodic push has you flying into the chorus that has you soaring into the bright sun of good vibes. There is a very relaxing feeling to the music that has you feeling hopeful. Through the melody, Andersson is able to fill you with light energy full of positivity. Later in the track, the guitar loses some of the light soaring for a more frantic vibe. This is combined with an almost alarm call pulsing through the lower layers. All of this only works to enhance the vocals at the end of the track.

As you breathe to the gentle opening of the single, Andersson’s vocals slide over your senses. Through the lyrics of the song, he reminds us that there are times when you just need to have someone to help you. As you rise with the melody on the chorus, his vocals power through the clouds and break into positive vibes. It is a very uplifting movement that makes you feel like you can face anything if you have someone who believes in you.

Simon Andersson reminds us that we sometimes need others and that standing together is the best way to a ‘Better Day’. With a wonderful melodic arrangement, Andersson moves you from gentle floating to a soaring positivity that makes you hopeful for the future. His vocals match this movement while filling you with the strength to help others and ask for the help you need.

Find out more about Simon Andersson on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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