Alexa Cabral – Sleep All Day (2021)

When a relationship comes to an end, you are often flooded with memories and emotions that are hard to shake off. Alexa Cabral has taken these emotions and turned them into her single ‘Sleep All Day’. Through the pop tones of the track, she tosses and turns through the emotional turmoil and cutting pain that many get lost in.

While Cabral is quite young, the depth of emotions and her ability to wrap them around engaging melodies belies this. Her musical abilities have seen her make the finals of the ‘Back to Live series’ and win the Young Performers Club youth talent event at the Boston Hard Rock Café. With energy and wisdom beyond her years, she brings emotions to light with her rich vocals.

‘Sleep All Day’ has a rather upbeat melody that is quite at odds with the lyrical content. The music is all happy tones and summer vibes that make you feel rather good when taken on their own. The pops of the beats and the glinting tones are light and easy. On the chorus, there is a wonderful pop flow that makes you want to move to the rhythm.

While the melody is full of light and good vibes, the lyrics are a completely different story. Through them, you are dropped into negative emotions and sadness. Cabral’s vocals are easy to connect with as she brings the emotions of the lyrics to sonic life. There is a thread of pain woven into the turbulent emotions and thoughts of the single. Her delivery tosses you against the different emotions which is a wonderful representation of the emotional path we take after a bad breakup. While bringing the negative edge to the song, the movement of her voice matches the upbeat melody and makes you want to sing along.

Alexa Cabral counters the negative emotions of a breakup with an upbeat melody and dancing vibes through ‘Sleep All Day’. The melody has a pop bounce that lifts your spirits while the lyrics have a sadder edge. Cabral’s vocals bring the negative emotions to light while her delivery matches the dancing vibes of the melody.

Find out more about Alexa Cabral on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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