Slow Trap – You Win (2021)

After being drawn to the figure of Joan of Arc, Slow Trap delves into a contemplation of martyrdom in ‘You Win’. With a touch of dream-pop and psychedelia music, he explores what Joan of Arc’s perception may have been. An interesting take on the lyrics with an equally interesting fusion melody, the single is one that is quite different from anything else out there.

This unique look from a different perspective comes from Shane Gray, the mastermind behind this musical project. When the world was thrown into the unprecedented with the pandemic, Gray found light in the experimentation of his music. Allowing his imagination to run wild, he acknowledges that going against the grain is never easy but is often the best option.

‘You Win’ has a lo-fi vibe to the opening that brings a slightly disjointed feeling with it like you are tuning a radio and just picking up the signal. This slides into a more melodic flow as the guitars find their feet. The melody has a really dreamy feeling to it that brings a touch of psychedelia to it. Through the hazy of colours and floating vibes, you find yourself drifting down the soundscape while the vocals buoy you. Close to the end of the track, the melody has shards of light bursting through your brain.

As you drift on the melody, Gray’s vocals bring a thread of pop-rock washed in psychedelic tones to your ears. The smooth and easy movement of his performance makes it so easy to slide into the lyrics. You don’t need to know the story of Joan of Arc to appreciate the exploration of her perspective. The lyrics are steeped in imagery that flash across your mind as you close your eyes and let his voice rest on your skin.

Slow Trap explores what Joan of Arc might have thought through the dreamy and psychedelic tones of ‘You Win’. The blended melody is easy to relax into as you are sent drifting on the river of sound. Gray’s vocals are equally easy to slip into while the lyrics are rich in imagery and create a mesmerising listening experience.

Find out more about Slow Trap on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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