Slowlife – Push & Relax (2020)

Do you need to forget about the world for a moment? ‘Push & Relax’ by Slowlife might just be able to give you the space you need to let your mind wander and drift away for a little while. Creating a bed of nostalgia that you can relax into, the track wraps you in dreamy tones. As a debut single, it sets you up for the optimistic vibes that are still to come.

The first single off his upcoming EP Grey City, it offers you a taste of the nostalgic yet forward-looking songs on the EP. Patrick Behrens, the man behind Slowlife, is also donating half of the proceeds to Skateistan. This is a non-profit organisation that empowers children through education and skateboarding In Cambodia, Afghanistan and South Africa.

‘Push & Relax’ gets you into the drifting vibes with this progressive opening that slowly becomes louder. The progression is amazing as the gentle acoustic guitar and dreamy synths easily sweep you up. You are scooped into the lush melody and haziness which allows your brain to switch off and drift. The softness of the melody makes you relax and you can’t help but feel any tension in your shoulders ease.

It is not only the lushness of the melody that sets your mind adrift. Behrens’ vocals have this easy flow as he lightly creeps along your senses. There is also an atmospheric feeling to the performance that adds to the haziness of the song. The feather-soft brush of the track makes you want to put your head back and just relax. As you drift, you will be shocked when the song fades out with the same soft tones and ease.

If you need to drift away from reality for a while, ‘Push & Relax’ by Slowlife is the song you need to listen to. The gentle build-up of the melody carefully scoops you and places you on the soft cushion of the vocals. The ending is equally gentle as you are softly placed back on the ground.

Find out more about Slowlife on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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