John Mason – Time To Think (2020)

Many of us forget that it is the little things in life that make it all worthwhile. That is what John Mason focuses on in ‘Time to Think’ as he highlights the grandness of the mundane. Finding beauty in those moments that are often brushed past. While considering the little things, he also attempts to highlight how important it is to learn to trust yourself and not always look to others for the answers.

Partly inspired by his personal experiences, Mason uses his indie-folk vibes to move past individual experiences and widens the scope to draw everyone in. Balancing on the line between upbeat folk and roots reggae, the single provides a groovy soundscape for you to get caught in. The vibes of the track are laid-back enough for you to focus on what is really important.

‘Time to Think’ hits you with Mason’s vocals from the first second. This draws you into the lyrics from the start and his rich vocals envelope you. This is great because his performance has this almost traditional folk sound with a wonderful fresh vibe. As you fall into his performance, you are captivated by the honesty of his vocals that makes you feel like you are just sitting with a friend and chatting.

As you are grooving to Mason’s vocals, the melody creeps up from below them. Everything starts with this fun guitar line during the opening that gets this upbeat tone to it as the song continues. The roots reggae vibe is quite light on the track but adds this little extra groove to it. While you are getting down to the upbeat vibes, Mason hits you with some seriously introspective lyrics. They make you pause for a moment and really think about them. However, their reflective nature does not take any of the good vibes out of the song.

John Mason gets you focusing on the little things that make life beautiful while learning to trust yourself in ‘Time to Think’. His groovy folk vibes combine perfectly with the reflective lyrics and melody.

Find out more about John Mason on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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