Snap Border – Newsfeed Icons (2020)

Fusing elements of alternative rock with metal and classic rock, Snap Border is a band that quite defies definition – all we know is they have an enthusiastic, exciting and edgy rock sound. Formed in 2012, this captivating French group has steadily built a large following with a reputation for compelling lyricism and energetic melodies. Releasing their debut album Alternative Current Box in 2015, Snap Border was soon received with critical acclaim by music critics on a national and international level. Skip forward a few years to 2020 and you’ll find the band with a new sound and exciting projects.

As part of their upcoming EP ICONS, Snap Border releases the intoxicating single ‘Newsfeed Icons’. Known for their striking narratives and communicative aesthetic, the French group take on the world of social media. Looking at the impact of social media platforms on modern society, the group dips into the dark world of online interaction. A controversial and poignant track, ‘Newsfeed Icons’ discusses the toxic consequences of spending hours on the internet launching yourself into the dark abyss that is social media. It’s terrifying, but the level of addicted engagement among contemporary society makes this a very scary reality.

Reminiscent of The Used, Three Doors Down and Seether, Snap Border have a gritty, gruff and glorious sound. Combining complex lyricism with powerful instrumentation, ‘Newsfeed Icons’ is a whirlwind of music with pounding drums, heavy guitar riffs and bold vocals ala Shaun Morgan Welgemoed.

For more from Snap Border check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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