Satchit – New Peace (2020)

Stress is all around us and can be caused by the smallest of things. Letting go of this stress is often easier said than done. This is something that Satchit understands and uses as inspiration for his single ‘New Peace’. The song looks at letting go of stressful situations and moving to a place of peace and tranquillity.

His alternative RnB sound has been honed over the years including his time in the group Semi-Toned. His first EP was released in 2018 and he has been gaining fans ever since. Not only does he create and produced his music himself, but he has also created a music video for this single.

The opening of ‘New Peace’ is very interesting and has a number of layers working together. This gives way to a much smoother melody with a deep drum to create the pace of the track. The drifting feeling of the melody has you floating to the music and allows you to relax back into the sound. If you are feeling stressed, this melody can take some of the strain from your shoulders. The wavering notes combine with some South Asian tones for a chilled end of summer feeling.

Satchit’s vocals have this smooth RnB tone to them that continues the easing feeling of the melody. The flow of his performance helps soothe the stress you might feel and start to relax. You could easily listen to this track while leaning back and relaxing after a stressful day. The falsetto notes of his performance flow perfectly with the music and are wonderfully executed.

The accompanying music video has a casual vibe to it as it was made in a handheld style. Between scenes of normal life are old Felix the cat cartoon cuts. Together they form a whimsical flow to the music video that is easy to watch. The relaxed vibes of the music flows through the video.

Satchit helps you relax and let go of stressful situations with his single ‘New Peace’. The drifting melody and casual RnB vocals combine to form a peaceful cocoon for you to rest in. The accompanying music video uses a causal style with some whimsical cartoons thrown in to visually represent the flow of the music.

Find out more about Satchit on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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