Snap Infraction – The Fall (2021)

Influenced by iconic acts like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Rolling Stones, Van Halen and Supergrass, Snap Infraction is a melting pot of rock-infused sound. Described as having an “energetic attitude”, Steve Karsch (vocals, guitar and piano) and Tony Lannuzzi (drums) showcase their passion for music as an eclectic duo. While they met at high school, their music didn’t flow for a while as each performed with various other bands. Bringing these experiences and diverse influences together, Snap Infraction is reaching people on an international level. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘The Fall’.

Following their indie-rock single ‘Second Chance’, ‘The Fall’ adopts a softer, smoother jangle-pop style. Reminiscent of Supergrass, ‘The Fall’ is upbeat with summertime joviality. A harmonic combination of drums and guitars, the track has a toe-tapping and infectious feel – plus there is some fantastic guitar parts courtesy of Jeff White. While the track is smile-inducing, Snap Infraction shows depth in their contrasting lyricism. Amid the happiness is an anxious “waiting for the fall”; however, there is a sense of hopefulness and empowerment in the charming single.

Along with ‘The Fall’, Snap Infraction release a b-side called ‘Day In The Sun’. Showing another side of Snap Infraction, this track brings 70s rock-influenced sounds to the 21st century. Far more instrumental than the previous track, Karsch and Lannuzzi showcase their natural musical talent in the languid song. Karsch describes ‘Day In The Sun’ as “looser arrangement-wise…more guitars, less singing.”

Intriguing and engaging, Snap Infraction’s music is unique with great innovativeness from the duo. Chilled in their tone, I find both tracks easy to listen to and will probably have them on repeat – you should have them on repeat too.

For more from Snap Infraction check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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