Oh My God! It’s The Church – Kiss My Apocalips (2022)

In the lead-up to their Revelations EP, Oh My God! It’s The Church is releasing their rock belter ‘Kiss My Apocalips’. The first single from the EP, it sets the tone of what is to come with a heat that packs a punch of fire and brimstone. Offering a salacious answer to the prayers you never knew you had, the single tosses you into a hellfire pit of fun while forcing you to rock out to the band’s sound.

Since their inception, the band has been establishing themselves as an unmissable live act and their on-stage energy bursts through this single. With a vibrant mix of musical comedy and jubilant rock, they have you singing, dancing and going crazy while getting lost in their sound. With this track, they lead us up to Armageddon, but it has never been a better journey.

‘Kiss My Apocalips’ hits you with some classic rock tones that shake you up from the first moment. While you are riding a slight wave of rock nostalgia, the piano rises beneath you to send you dancing down the keyboard notes. As the music sinks its rock hooks into you, there is no option but to start rocking out. Through the verses, the music builds to a slightly funky chorus that perfectly combines rock and funk. Woven into the music is this rather playful energy that puts a smile on your face. The drive of the melody has you bouncing to the rhythm, before urging you to turn up the volume and go crazy to the sound.

As the music gets you moving to the rhythm, the vocals bring an extra hit of classic rock nostalgia, while adding something that is pure Oh My God! It’s the Church. As they enter, the vocals bring an energetic flair to the single with a light scream that spirals into the engaging performance. The vocals curl around the lyrics and draw you into the party leading to the end of the world. As the music builds in the verses, the vocals dip and rise to match. When the chorus hits, you are blown away by the imagery of the end of the world and the nonchalance with which the band greets it. There is so much attitude pumped into the vocal performance that you can’t help but have a good time as you listen.

Oh My God! It’s the Church have you dancing to the end of the world, while greeting it with a nonchalant smirk in ‘Kiss My Apocalips’. From the first note to the very last, the single has you rocking out and having an absolute blast. The melody brings a nostalgic touch, while the vocals curl around the lyrics for a punch of attitude.

Find out more about Oh My God! It’s the Church on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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