Something Else – Something Else (2018)

Something Else album cover
Image courtesy of Something Else

Something Else is an alternative pop band from Columbus, OH, and they released their self-titled EP on the 4th January.

The EP kicks off with the track ‘The Fool’ which starts with a drum beat, then guitar riffs and vocals kick in. The song is about feeling like you shouldn’t be down and shouldn’t let others get you down; to ignore bad things. The guitar riffs are amazing, the vocals are great, and the bass line is catchy.

The track ‘Breath’ starts with gentle guitar riffs, it’s a very soft sound; then the vocals kick in and are great. The song is about wishing things had turned out differently and wishing they could turn their feelings off. The drum work is amazing and the bass line is strong; it’s a very soft soothing rock song. The track ‘Nobody Has To Know’ starts with awesome guitar riffs that sound very funky. The vocals are amazing; it’s about a girl he really has an interest in. He sings some very sexual lyrics about the girl saying she’s a guilty pleasure.

The track ‘Purpose’ begins with gentle guitar riffs. The vocals start and are great, the bass line is nice and strong, and the drums are slow and catchy. The lyrics sound like they’re about depression in a way. He sings about telling himself that there is nothing wrong with his brain, about how there must be a purpose in life and how he needs some rest.

The track ‘Mess’ has vocals from the start with guitar riffs. It has a catchy beat with a funky rock sound. He sings about how he feels like his brain is a mess and he feels he has wasted his time on someone. The track ‘Go Away’ starts with very gentle guitar riffs. The vocals begin and are great; he sings about how he feels his mind only works at night, and two wrongs don’t make a right. It seems he overthinks things and he wants it to all go away. It’s a very gentle and soft rock song, soothing and very heartfelt.

The EP Something Else is out now and can be purchased from Apple Music (iTunes). You can connect with Something Else via their Facebook or Twitter.

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