Sophia Denai – Bitter (2016)

Sophia Denai’s latest music video for ‘Bitter’ was released on the 25th of July, and it is the third single from her latest album, Love Royale.

‘Bitter’ is posed as a song about a cheating husband and the revenge a wife takes on him. The music video walks us through the storyline with a black and white landscape and is supported by the lyrics and instruments. The music of this song is quite slow and sharp which helps to build the suspense of the video. Denai compliments with the music by singing in a slow and sexy voice. That along with her body language or touching herself, and being in the shower points out that she is showing off what he is missing out on.

The video starts with Denai, who is posing as the wife in this scenario, in the shower, cleaning herself but in slower motions which is designed to look sexy. The lyrics starts and the camera cuts to her sitting on the kitchen floor in a corset. Behind this, there are flashbacks of the affair taking place and Denai catching them. Just standing near the door, watching, not saying anything. It leaves you wondering if she left him or if she walked in as it cuts back to her now on the bed after getting out of the shower. I found that this music video jumped around a lot but in a way that was still easy to follow.

There were parts of the video that seemed lost on me, but it all came together at the end. Such as Denai taking off her underwear, taking off her dressing gown, putting on red lipstick and drinking wine. All things that scared me as to where the music video was headed and if I was about to see something that I didn’t want to.

Finally, in the end, the husband walks into the house with the girlfriend where she notices the lipstick stained glass and Denai’s clothes on the bed. She got revenge on her husband without having to do anything. I loved how she humiliated him instead of the other way around and looked great doing it. She carried with her this calm demeanour as if she didn’t care about what her husband did or that she was in total shock. I guess that’s up for the viewer to interpret. Once we see the wedding ring on the dressing table, we understand how strong and ‘sassy’ Denai is. She outed her husband’s affair and dumped him all at the same time, exposing that she knew the whole time. The final scene is Denai standing in the shower again. Cleansing herself from what happened and ready to start a new life.

I loved this music video, and I loved Sophia Denai in it. Now excuse me while I watch everything else she has ever created.


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