Sophia – Skin (2020)

Hailing from the North East region of England, Sophia is a talented singer-songwriter with the voice of a siren. Despite being a relatively new pop artist in the UK music scene, the songstress has grabbed the attention of NARC Magazine, Big Sound Blog, Mystic Sons and BBC Introducing (to name but a few). With her soulful vocals and soothing melodies, it is no wonder that Sophia is building a loyal following. After several well-received singles, she releases ‘Skin’ as the close to 2020.

While Sophia’s sound may lie within the pop genre, her five songs show versatility as a musician. Moreover, her experimentation of incorporating electric beats into acoustic melodies demonstrates a penchant for diversity. Ranging from buoyant ‘Favourite Day’ to the mournful ‘Will We Talk?’ Sophia knows how to tap into that “pop princess” in all of us; however, it is ‘Skin’ that is the most haunting of her repertoire.

“Sharing your words can be scary, working alone allows me to feel safe and truly express my thoughts. ‘Skin’ explores my emotions, being in a situation where someone who once made you feel at home just doesn’t anymore. However, you can no longer see them in the same light and how there’s just no going back.” – Sophia on ‘Skin’

Definitely one of the steadiest singles in her discography, ‘Skin’ is a haze of sound in which one can easily lose themselves. Melding soothing synths with an undertone of piano “plink plonks”, the track has a flowing quality. Yet, it is the delicacy of Sophia’s vocals that touches one’s soul. The ethereal vocals contribute to a sensational single with a degree of melodic melancholy in the mix.

I can use tons of adjectives to describe the hypnotic single, but it’s probably best to just feel it. In short, ‘Skin’ infiltrates the mind, ensnares the senses and leaves you trembling with goosebumps all over your body.

For more from Sophia check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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