MACY – Obvious (2020)

MACY cocooned us in wisps of dark pop with her last single ‘Smoking Gun’. She is now following this up with the dreamy ‘Obvious’. Her third single continues to showcase what this young artist has to offer and the talent that she has developed over the years.

Working on the song during lockdown, she infuses something uniquely her into each sound. The single was supported by BBC Horizons Launchpad which she was a successful applicant earlier this year.

The light pulsing beats in the opening of ‘Obvious’ effortlessly draw you into the soundscape. There is a great vibe to the melody that makes you want to move. The beats from the opening slowly give way to an almost funky beat that takes a hold of your shoulders and moves them without you even realising. While there are some funky beats resting in the melody, there is a good dance vibe as well. The beat forms a great foundation for MACY’s vocals which are really the highlight of the song.

Her voice enters smoothly and softly as a light layer over the opening beats. Her performance picks up power as the song progresses and enhances the vibe of the melody. The modulation of her voice helps to drive the melody of the track and you are drawn into the vocals. There is an engaging energy to her vocals which meld so well with the electronic backings. On the chorus, you will probably find yourself singing along.

MACY gets you moving to her groove with the catchy and engaging single ‘Obvious’. The engaging melody moves your body without you realising it while you get drawn into her vocals. The song is easy and fun to listen to.

Find out more about MACY on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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