Sophie Bruce – Lone Wanderer (2020)

World travels and personal growth are often combined into an artistic journey that soothes the soul. This is the journey that Sophie Bruce takes you on with her new album Lone Wanderer. Using an eclectic mixture of styles and sounds, Bruce takes you on a trip full of despair and hope. Written while she was travelling, the ambience of the album will transport you to distant places.

Bruce has always been a free spirit and this shines through in her music which draws on healing, nature and personal experiences. Being mostly self-taught, she hooks you with her organic and unique arrangements. If you are looking for an album that takes you on a journey and soothes your soul, this might be the one for you.

The album starts with ‘Row Row’ which draws you in using a gentle guitar opening. Bruce’s vocals come in as a gentle accompaniment to the guitar. There is a lot of power in her vocals that draw you into the start of this musical journey. The movement of her performance has a wonderful folky vibe to it. The beat of the song gets you moving to it as it pulses through your chest and forces your shoulders to move.

‘Hampi’ uses Bruce’s vocals to captivate you from the first second. Below her vocals is a gentle guitar melody that moves into a more eclectic melody. There are a few instruments working together to form the shuffling melody of the song. This song really lifts your soul and you feel like you can breathe easily again as you listen. The driving melody has this wonderful vibe that works with the soaring vocals that are like a breeze taking you far away from your regular life.

The vibe of ‘Round Town’ is very different to the two songs that came before and there is a bit of 70s folk resting there. This turns into a more reggae vibe that you can’t help but get drawn into. As you listen, you are taken to exotic places where the sun is warm and you enjoy every moment. This feeling is compounded by the lyrics that talk about the energy of these places. While there are changes in the melody, you really get hit with the power of Bruce’s voice.

Sophie Bruce

The next track is ‘Empty Spaces’ which takes you back to the gentle folk opening full of floating acoustic guitar notes. The progressive increase in the melody has this wonderful organic feeling to it. Combined with the vocals, you are easily swept into the vibe of the track. There is something a little more melancholic about this song, but there is also a sense of freedom within the notes.

‘The Voice Inside of Me’ has this wonderful vibe to the opening and somewhat darker vocals. There is a completely new feeling to this track compared to the rest of the album. The emotive vocals have a self-reflective feeling to them. When the melody picks up, you can’t help but be drawn into the almost western tones. This is also when a sense of self-empowerment is thrust into you through the vocals. Overall, this song leaves you feeling rather good about yourself.

The EP ends with ‘Feet on the Earth’ which highlights Bruce’s voice the most. While the beats of the melody give you a platform to rest on, it is the vocals that drive the song. You are taken on a trip through the rise and fall of her performance. This is one of the most relaxing songs on the album and you can lean back and close your eyes while you listen to it.

Sophie Bruce fills you with her free spirit as you relax and are uplifted by her album Lone Wanderer. Each song on the album has this wonderful natural flow to it that sweeps you up and transports you in a relaxing bubble. Moving from folk to reggae to melodic rock, the music is captivating and Bruce’s vocals are powerful.

Find out more about Sophie Bruce on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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