An Astronaut – Underground (2020)

If you are looking for a song that highlights feelings of loss, loneliness and hopefulness, look no further than ‘Underground’ by An Astronaut. Through his moody soundscape, he creates a wistful ode to a sense of self that transcends superficial limitations. While there is a huge sense of melancholy within the song, there is a thread of optimism and honesty woven into each note.

Taking inspiration from the good old days of classic rock, this one-man band offers consistent and thoughtful storytelling. This debut single is a great introduction to this exciting artist and has you eager for his upcoming album Fleeting Moments.

Gentle acoustic guitar strumming softly draws you into ‘Underground’. A melodic classic rock electric guitar enters and weaves into the strumming. The melody has an easy flow to it, but there is a sense of melancholy within it. The relatively minimalistic melody has a wonderful vibe and the stripped-back nature highlights the emotions of the track. Through the gentle instrumentation, you can feel a sense of loss and loneliness, but this is countered deeper in the sound. Resting in the base notes is a sense of hopefulness that you can also feel in the vocals.

While there is a thread of hopefulness in the vocals, you might miss it due to the much larger sense of melancholy. The soft vocals are infused with an almost resigned loss and loneliness from the start. However, as you listen to the lyrics, the soft light of hope starts to flicker to life. You also get the sense that you are not alone and there are others who understand what you are feeling.

‘Underground’ by An Astronaut is a gentle ode to your sense of self mixed in with feelings of loss, loneliness and a flicker of hope. The gentle melody melds with the equally gentle vocals to cloak you in sad emotions only to offer a soft light of hope.

Find out more about An Astronaut on his Bandcamp and Spotify.

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