South Africa Road – Just Let Me (2021)

Are you looking for a feel-good song about nothing in particular? Well, you have come to the right place as South Africa Road has what you want in ‘Just Let Me’. With some tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a catchy vibe, the single fills you with the good vibes you want and need. Through the song, you get a blast of fun without any strings attached.

The single is part of a debut double track release with ‘Getaway’ which introduces you to the sound of the band. Joe Mason (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Oscar Perry (vocals, bass) and Kyle Baker (guitar) came together during lockdown to form the band. With a lot of fun, they have you laughing and happy while listening.

‘Just Let Me’ hits you with some fun vibes from the first guitar line. The melody has a quirky feeling to it while pulsing to a melodic flow. The thrumming bass has your head moving while the guitar puts a smile on your face. The good vibes of the music slowly fill your veins and expand in your chest. There is a fun interplay between the instruments and it feels like they are talking to each other while getting excited for a good time.

The vocals get you caught up in their cheeky flow from the first word as they implore you to have some fun tonight. The vocal performance skips along the melody while dancing around the guitar line. While enhancing the fun vibes of the melody, the lyrics call for you to join the band in having fun while detailing what this might look like. The flow of the lyrics is wonderful and ridiculously catchy leaving you feeling the need to sing along.

South Africa Road fill you with fun and upbeat vibes while you bounce to their pulsing melodics in ‘Just Let Me’. The single is a bundle of enjoyment that sinks into your veins from the first quirky moment to the very last. The vocals have a slightly imploring tone that turns into an irresistible call to have fun with the band while the melody raises your excitement for a night out.

Find out more about South Africa Road on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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