Paperwing – Blackbirds (2021)

Paperwing continues to merge big feelings with small things with her single ‘Blackbirds’. With the melody coming to her on a spring day, she looked to bring feelings of love and bliss to life through a beautiful soundscape. Combining these emotions with a light and playful melody, she covers you in the feeling of waking next to someone you love on a sunny spring day.

Jenny Soovik, the musician behind the name, brings stories of love, heartbreak and life to listeners through her music. Raised by two jazz musicians, she has grown into an uncompromising artist who leaves a trail of goosebumps in her wake. With an avant-garde approach to pop, she draws on everything around her to get you lost in her soundscape.

‘Blackbirds’ draws you in with a wonderful softness. The lightly plucked tones of the acoustic guitar immerse you in the feelings of a soft morning with the light spring sun lazily streaming through a window. There is a soft feeling to the music that you can’t help but get lost in. The wafting feeling of the music has you riding gentle flows that fill your spirit with wonderful vibes. The flowing feeling of the music has you resting into it like a leaf riding down a brook.

Soovik’s vocals add another layer of softness to the melody. The high notes are gentle on your ears as you are filled with the light of the single. There is a little touch of aul McCartney’s ‘Blackbird’ in the track, but this is artfully woven into something that is completely Paperwing. The delicacy of the vocals sinks into your skin as you listen while a floating feeling takes hold of your heart. The softness and beauty of the track is all-encompassing and you will want to listen to the track again and again just to get lost in it.

Paperwing draws you into a delicate atmosphere full of spring sunshine, warm feelings and floating light in ‘Blackbirds’. The vocals and melody fuse to create a gentle breeze that warms your soul while having you float in the river of music.

Find out more about Paperwing on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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