Sovereign – The Chain (2020)

Breaking up can be hard, particularly when you realise that feelings of affection are still present. This is the conundrum that Sovereign look at in their latest single ‘The Chain’. Using a chain as a metaphor the band looks at liberating yourself or someone else in the most loving way possible while still holding everything together. The band infuses this breakup song with raw emotions and leads you through the emotional journey.

Located in Copenhagen, the band consists of childhood friends August Andersen, Louis Gjerrild and Frederik Milland. Their debut single ‘Smitten by Love’ gained a lot of recognition and they were set to establish themselves as the live act to watch before everything shut down. Regardless, they are here to continue their journey into your heart with their latest single.

The driving guitar opening of ‘The Chain’ gets you moving to the beat before the vocals wash over you. The captivating beat leads you into the story of the track which is laid out smoothly by the lyrics and vocals. Throughout the single, the melody carries this pace to it that draws you into the song. The play of higher and deeper notes in the melody complements the lyrics and where you are in the tale of the breakup.

While the melody gets you into the vibe of the song, the lyrics transport you into the moment. They are wonderfully delivered in a smooth layer that drapes itself over the melody. The story of the song is artfully executed with a combination of reality and metaphor.

Sovereign continues to impress with ‘The Chain’, their interesting take on a breakup song. The driving melody leads you through the single while the vocals wash over you. Combined they create a song you do not want to miss.

Find out more about Sovereign on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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