Daniel John – Sudden Spring (2020)

Sometimes, all it takes is a single instrumental part to spark the creation of a song or album. This is what Daniel John experienced in early April when a guitar part came to him and inspired his latest EP Sudden Spring. The first song ‘Sudden Spring’ was quickly created from that guitar piece and various bits and pieces from the years that never had a place suddenly found somewhere to exist.

While John has a tendency to drift toward excess and indulgence, he took a different approach with the new EP. Turning to restraint, the EP has become a brief meditation. However, the shift in focus has not derailed his signature sound or everything of himself that he pours into his music.

The contemplative track ‘Endless Mountains’ opens the EP and refers to the soft hills of the north-eastern Appalachian Mountain range. The gentle guitar sets the scene of these rolling hills before John’s vocals flow over you with his soothing tones. His vocal performance transports you and builds a longing. The tone of the song makes you yearn for simpler times or to be able to spend some time in the mountains.

‘Sudden Spring’ hits you with a completely different vibe. The progressive opening leads you into the lush tones of the song. There is a depth to the melody that works wonderfully with the airy vocals. While the last song made you yearn for something, there is tenderness to this track. Certain elements of the melody are like a bubbling brook gently winding its way while other parts act as a path. Together they combine with the hazy vocals to set you at ease and create a comfortable place.

‘Smallmouth Bass’ is an instrumental track that slowly builds up. There is something very interesting about this song because there is a kind of darkness lurking in the melody. However, this is overlaid with these notes that make you think about fish calmly going about their business. It is a great little interlude track before you reach the end of the EP.

The last track is ‘At The Big River Flat’ that opens like a spring morning. There are notes that remind you of those first moments of dawn as the world is just waking up. This song has a vibe of things coming to life after a long winter. It is another instrumental track and is like a breath of crisp fresh air with a slight chill to it. As an end to the EP, it lets you rest in a relaxing and meditative way so you are ready for whatever comes at you.

Daniel John transports you to spring mornings spent outside in the easy Sudden Spring. The short EP is refreshing, just like a spring morning, and sets you up for the rest of your day. If you are looking for an EP to start your day or ease you at the end of it, this is the one for you.

Find out more about Daniel John on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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