Sparrow – Crash Test (2021)

After the acclaim of their last release, Sparrow are back with an expansion on the heavy and industrial tones with ‘Crash Test’. This single packs a serious hard-rock punch and is only the start of a stream of music that is still to come. The band pairs their soaring metal sound with emotive lyrics and powerful vocals for a song you are not going to forget any time soon.

While the band was initially formed in 2010 as a side project for Sean Hendry, Clint Gatter and Jase Shaw, it quickly grew into a serious musical entity. After a break, the band returned in 2018 with two new members, Anthony Jackson and Robert Buratti. With their new line-up, they unleashed their heavier sound mixing it with the industrial edge that has become core to their music.

‘Crash Test’ draws you into the soundscape with an almost eery ambient vibe that gives way to breathing guitars. There is an expansive feeling to the melody that sweeps through your chest and carefully leads you to the chorus. This is where a crash of tones takes over but this is so artfully done that you lose none of the melodics from the building opening. While there is a heavy feeling to the music, it offers a more alternative and hard rock feeling to the collision of their last single. In the latter parts of the track, everything picks up for a blast of rock tones that shivers through your soul and make you want to go a little crazy.

The building feeling in the melody is matched by the vocals. The opening vocal line is breathy and whispered as it draws you into a rather dark tale. When the punch of the chorus hits, the vocals get this rasping growl to them which is utter perfection. The dynamic movement of the vocal performance is amazing as it adds drama and a sense of theatrics to the music. There is a word of caution in the lyrics that send shivers racing down your spine.

Sparrow masterfully builds the tension in ‘Crash Test’ before propelling you into their addictive rock tones. There is a darkness to the melody that creeps and leaps throughout the single. This is paired with amazing vocals that offer a dynamic movement and lyrics that carry a cautionary tale.

Find out more about Sparrow on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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