Spitfire Tides – Snowflake (2021)

Social media has become an intrinsic part of our lives and many people have become numb to the pressures the content on these platforms place on us. Spitfire Tides is speaking out against these pressures with their single ‘Snowflake’. While hitting back at the opinions and trends pressed on us, the band also considers what we should expect from ourselves and embrace who we really are.

This single was the first the band wrote together but has been slightly reworked to include the pressures the pandemic has caused. Josh Coates (vocals), Howard Hooper (guitar), Callum Houghton (bass) and Harry Wise (drums, tambourine) use an upbeat and fun soundscape to tackle a problem that is woven into the fabric of our lives. Recorded at their university BIMM, the single resonates with anyone who has ever been on social media.

‘Snowflake’ hits the ground running with incredibly engaging guitars that hook their talons into you. As the guitars pick up the pace, the drums bounce through you and get your head bopping to them. The melody has a really upbeat vibe to it that pulses with the lights of rock while weaving through a touch of funk. With the melody alone, the band is able to keep your attention while filling you with a hint of aggression. Later in the track, there is a rather epic guitar solo that you can’t help but get lost in and go a little crazy over.

This aggression is given a direction through Coates’ vocals that fly out against the melody. The flow of his performance brings more of that funk woven into the melody. The chorus has a soft haziness before you are lead to a delight hit out in the lyrics. His vocals are catchy and make you want to shout with them to let all your frustration out. As you ride the vocals, you are filled with a lightness in your chest as the pressures you never knew were there are lifted off.

Spitfire Tides hit out at the pressures of social media while filling you with a sense of liberation through ‘Snowflake’. The melody bounces through your veins and has you going a little crazy over the guitar riffs. The vocals are super catchy and make you want to shout out your frustration and embrace the happiness that follows.

Find out more about Spitfire Tides on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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