Split Persona – Split Persona (2021)

Split Persona are bringing a raw edge of humanity to our ears with their self-titled EP Split Persona. Setting the bar quite high, they offer a hard-hitting, fresh and melodic rock sound that really introduces you to what they have to offer. With a unique feeling to their music, they balance their personalities with the story of their tracks.

Drawing on a range of influences, Zander Hoschak (rhythm guitar, vocals), Brogan Kelley (lead guitar, backing vocals), Darren Menning (bass, backing vocals) and Mike Patterson (drums, percussion) add spice to their sound with punchy melodics. Bringing a touch of garage rock to classic rock tones wrapped around alternative sensibilities, they power through your senses with a sound you won’t forget any time soon.

The EP starts with a blast of guitars that is the opening of ‘Stay Away’. The thrum of the guitars throws you into Hoschak’s melodic vocals which ease you after the blistering opening of the track. There is a softness to his voice that wonderfully complements the hard-hitting melody. Creating a layered approach to the song, his vocals draw you into the story of the lyrics while the melody enhances the emotional drives.

‘All Us Three’ continues the infectious guitar tones of the opening but uses a more subdued version that slowly builds into a powerful momentum. The vocals are almost hushed on the verses before gaining power on the chorus. There are these screams throughout the single that just make this track. They add a great texture of pain to the music that highlights the darkness of the lyrics and the agony this brings. There is a touch of optimism within the vocals particularly on the chorus which gives way to some understandable anger.

The melodic opening of the ‘Melted Clocks’ is so different from the other tracks that it puts you into a completely new vibe. There is a floating easiness to this track while the melody has an edge of surrealism to it. The melodic flow of the song showcases the versatility of the band and makes you want to sit back and just let the song wash over you. The guitar riffs that sing out of the background lightly lead you to the addictive vocals which make you want to call out with them.

The heavy-hitting energy makes a comeback with ‘Keep It’ as the guitars and drums pound against your senses. There is an aggression to this song that is new as the vocals call out with a real punch. The rhythm of the melody has your feet stomping to the beats while the chorus has you shouting out with the band. While there is an aggression to the track, there is also a sense of empowerment resting in the instrumentation. This is highlighted by the lyrics as they work through finding your self-worth and getting rid of those pulling you down.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Strawberries’ which draws you in with the vocals. There is an almost balladic feeling to the opening bolstered by the stripped-back melodics. Hoschak’s vocals are clear as they ring out through the soundscape. There is a lightness to this track like you are floating on a cloud of pastel-coloured mist. As the song progresses, you are hit with a thrust of guitars, but they don’t have the heaviness that characterised the rest of the EP.

Split Persona are hitting the ground running with their self-titled EP which showcases their versatility. Each track has its own energy from hard-hitting and blistering guitars to floating surrealism and stripped back melodies. The EP acts as a perfect introduction to what they have to offer and lets you know that there is a lot more to come.

Find out more about Split Persona on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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