Step Into the Kitchen – A Very Different Dessert (2022)

With their debut single ‘A Very Different Dessert’, Step Into the Kitchen brings their blend of jazz, dub and blues to our ears. Twisting with a touch of something alien, the single brings a catchy yet extremely unique sound that fractures and mutates as you listen. Completely bypassing any genre boundaries, the track is an intense collection of the best elements of multiple sounds blitzed together for a decadent drink that nourishes something deep inside.

Not only does this single introduce the band’s sound to the world, it offers a wonderful taste of something completely new and different to anything else out there. This musical project brings something much bigger than themselves to the soundscape as they seem to reach through time and space through the organic and strange tones. If you are looking for something that offers a unique listening experience, you are going to want to dive into the dark depths of this track.

‘A Very Different Dessert’ builds a dark funky movement from the depths of the soundscape. There is a luminescent feeling to the music like glowing colours glimmering in the dark. The melody has a lot of different lines that come in to create a whole world of sound. There are jittering tones that meet a rich saxophone line that brings a touch of soul to the soundscape. Beneath this is a blues line that thrums away leading you through the lower levels of the track.

As the single progresses, the movement of the melody mutates and transforms into something bigger than you imagine when you start listening. It is like the blossoming of an alien plant drawing your eye to it with a magnetic flow. Weaving between the instrumentation is a lush vocal line that creates this softness within the soundscape. It is like the cool grass under your feet that leads you down a path of the unknown. While there is a really avant-garde feeling to the music, everything comes together perfectly. As you listen, you are amazed by the blending and fusion of sound but, at the same time, feel like there is no other way the music could have come together.

Step Into the Kitchen uses their debut single ‘A Very Different Dessert’ to treat us to an exotic and rich taste of what they have to offer. The music is rich in its layering as it glows and beckons you further into the soundscape. The vocals act as another instrument woven into the lush soundscape.

Find out more about Step Into the Kitchen on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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