Track of the Day: Tarn PK – Street Noise

While singer-songwriter Tarn PK could be described as a pop artist, this is a broad categorisation for the artist. From his earlier funk-infused ‘Caught In The Wake’ to folk-tinged ‘Serenity’, his music is genre-defying but retains a contemporary pop edginess. Featured on Right Chord Music, We Write About Music, Mystic Sons, Last FM, Rising Artists Blog and Chalkpit Records, Tarn PK is reaching audiences on an international level. In fact, he even featured on The Other Side Reviews with his track ‘Sky Is Falling’ (read our review here). Now, we delve once again into his discography and look at his latest single ‘Street Noise’.

Following his soft, stark and simplistic pop EP Monarch, Tarn PK dips into a more upbeat, bedroom-pop/dream-pop sound with ‘Street Noise’. A heavily synth-driven track, ‘Street Noise’ has strong beats melding with the wistfulness of airy synths. What I find particularly interesting in this song is the eclecticism of the melody. As I mentioned, it is heavily synth-driven pop, but a brief movement to alternative rock-influenced brashness highlights Tarn PK’s innovativeness and obscurity.

Bold, rich and powerful, ‘Street Noise’ is a hard-hitting single but in a whimsical way. The light synths carry you along a glistening river of sound, but there is also an underlying urgency to the upfront sound. Tarn PK’s vocals are airy and slightly ethereal contributing to the mellow flow. This is intriguing as the melody aligns with the conceptual theme behind ‘Street Noise’ – the exposition and exploration of fear and confusion. Tarn PK shares that ‘Street Noise’ is “a song about inner voices, fears and finding ways to deal with them. I wanted to create a strong picture around the song, focused on vivid lyrics…this song is a gateway between the quieter, more inwards focused music of my last EP and something which is more bombastic and out there sonically.”

For more from Tarn PK check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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