Steve Michels – Never (2020)

Steve Michels takes on celebrity crushes, secret obsessions and forbidden love in his latest single ‘Never’. These topics all meld together to form something that you want, but will never really be able to achieve. This swirling emotional landscape is set to the electronic-pop tones that Michels and Foreign Figures have become known for.

Consisting of Steve Michels, EJ Michels, Seth78 and JonnyT, each member brings their own influences to the sound of the band. While this single features all members of the band, the sound leans more toward Steve Michels.

‘Never’ introduces you to Michels’ vocals from the first moment. His voice hits you from the first moment with his light tones. There is a breathiness to the performance that adds to the emotional impact of the track. His performance is emotive and you can hear the longing within each word, but there is also a thread of knowledge that a connection will never happen. The lyrics are relatable and easy to fall back into.

The plucky driving notes resting at the base of the melody are as engaging as the vocals. There are these beats that drive through you while propelling you forward into the vocals. The higher notes in the melody add a little something to the song that helps you get into the flow of the rhythm. Throughout the song, those driving beats keep you engaged and connected to the track.

Steve Michels and Foreign Figures fill you with longing and obsession laced with a knowledge that connections will never happen in ‘Never’. The track has an engaging beat that keeps you hooked while Michels’ vocals smoothly flow over you.

Find out more about Steve Michels on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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