AJE (Ambient Jazz Ensemble) – Scars (2020)

A lot of experiences in life leave behind scars, but these reminders often shape us and make us into who we are today. Using classic jazz textures, AJE (Ambient Jazz Ensemble) explores this concept. Through the jazz soundscape, you are given the uplifting message that no-one is perfect and humans often fail only to be become more robust and beautiful because of this.

Colin Baldry, the man behind AJE, uses his ability to tell stories through his music to paint the scene in all its textured glory. With contributions from a number of artists and musicians including Donna Gardier, this single starts with quiet reflection before blossoming into something more.

‘Scars’ draws you in with the quiet reflection on the scars we all have. Gardier’s vocals is a smooth thread that effortlessly draws you into the song. You can hear the power in her voice from the first moment and it only enthrals you more. As the melody turns, her performance continues to be the steady thread from the opening. However, you can hear the change in emotional contemplation as she moves from reflection to acceptance and the idea that the scars we all have make us human and beautiful.

Below her powerful vocals is an equally powerful melody. There are a lot of instruments working together to form the flow of the melody as well as the emotional swell. The melody starts with a softness that slowly builds with the realisation that scars are not a bad thing. The piano line that comes in later has this smooth jazziness that is wonderful to hear. The use of horns is exquisite as they form the primary swell of the melody and create a lush soundscape that bolsters you.

AJE (Ambient Jazz Ensemble) lets you know that your emotional ‘Scars’ are beautiful and what makes us human. The song takes you from quiet contemplation of these scars to an acceptance. The vocals and melody work in tandem to draw you through this uplifting experience.

Find out more about AJE on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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