Stranger Girl – Bad Side (2020)

After a year (give or take) of silence, Brighton-based quartet Stranger Girl is back with their infectious new single ‘Bad Side’. Featured in A&R Factory, FV Music Blog, Fame Magazine, BBC Introducing and online radio stations, the UK foursome has gained a reputation for engaging lyrics over moving melodies across the globe. Following the well-received single ‘Find The Humour’, Stranger Girl is boosting the upbeat, buoyant but poignant sound so unique to them in the 2020 single ‘Bad Side’.

Binding the sounds of Weezer, Blondie and McFly, Stranger Girl brings together pop-rock and 80s-pop with a contemporary indie edge. Dynamic instrumentation, including pounding drums and distorted guitars, meld seamlessly with the obscure vocals creating a kaleidoscopic soundscape for any coming-of-age film. While already noted as a distinctive group, ‘Bad Side’ showcases the band’s innovativeness transitioning from grunge to alt-rock and pop with effortless elegance. Of course, the melody does add robustness to the single but it is Melissa’s vocals and the lyrical depth that take things to the next level.

“‘Bad Side’ is about confronting your inner bad thoughts, in particular being torn between a familiar sense of guilt and a dark enjoyment of doing the supposed wrong thing. The chorus underlines this with a fist-pumping, angsty group vocal and an explosive melody to match. Stranger Girl on ‘Bad Side’

Touching on issues of inner conflict, frustration, anxiety and sadistic guilt of “dark enjoyment of doing the supposed wrong thing”, ‘Bad Side’ is reflective and sombre. Seductive vocals enhance vulnerability, sentimentality, sincerity and a sense of innocence with a lingering melancholy. Puncturing the flowing melody, but in an oddly harmonic way, Melissa’s voice prompts angst and rage similar to Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love.

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