Subshine – Living Like It’s Real (2020)

If you were a fan of Lorraine in the early 00’s, you probably remember Ole Gunnar Gundersen. The Lorraine vocalist is now hitting us with his solo project Subshine. The singer-songwriter’s debut album Easy Window was released to critical acclaim and is now being followed up by the single ‘Living Like It’s Real’.

Through the track, Gundersen shares his views on how we are soaring over the truth. He looks at how we live our lives according to stories and spend our days looking for proof. This deep theme is tackled with a fresh sounding pop tone and layers of sound.

‘Living Like It’s Real’ hits you with synth notes that really grab your attention. There is an 80’s feel to the melody that is almost visceral at moments. The synth-driven melody swings from deep background tones to light driving notes in the chorus. There are a few layers to the music of this track that really hit you the more you listen.

Subshine’s vocals are both smoothing and echoing on the track to add a new dimension to the synths. His performance is nuanced to drive the emotions of the song home. There is a sad note to his tone that is at odds with the upbeat synth-pop sound of the single.

Subshine uses layers of sound to create the sonic wonderland that is ‘Living Like It’s Real’. The track is full of synths overlaid by his beautiful vocals that drive a bar of sadness into this pop song. The song leaves you feeling both energised from the melody and a little down from the lyrics, but with a sense of hope.

Find out more about Subshine on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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