Eli Gauden – Nameless Things (2020)

The vulnerability and honesty that has us hooked to the different shades of life in ‘Cottonheart’ continue in Eli Gauden’s single ‘Nameless Things’. A new piece of vulnerability with a hint of Americana, the single tells the story of leaving someone you love. Filled with a sense of scarcity and lowness, the vibrant instrumentation sits at odds with the sad lyrics.

The single was written and recorded in her bedroom overnight adding to the vulnerability of the soundscape. The feelings of heartbreak were enhanced by the fact that Gauden has been crying quite a bit before she started recording. Bouncing yet raw, the single encapsulates the duality of emotions and lets this shine in the soundscape.

‘Nameless Things’ lightly covers you in vulnerable vocals from the first second. Gauden’s performance drapes over your shoulders like a light shawl in the darkness of night. There is a catch in her performance that bolsters the heartbreak woven into her vocals. Through the single, her performance has an intimate whispered quality like the lyrics are private thoughts shared in the dark of night. While filled with heartbreak, there is also a sense of uncertainty within her performance that makes you wonder if things will get better with time.

The vulnerable and intimate tones of her vocals are complemented by the delicate simplicity of the melody. There are woeful threads of music that weave together to form tendrils of dusk creeping along your senses. The guitar line gently plucks its way in the back while the harmonica mourns in the lower levels. The lighter notes add to the uncertainty of the vocals while offering tiny glimmers of light that flutter away before you fully comprehend them.

Eli Gauden wraps you in a vulnerable shawl of uncertainty and intimate vocals with her single ‘Nameless Things’. The heartbreaking vocals bring a knot to your throat as you are filled with uncertainty and sadness. The simple melody blends light musical lines for the creeping twilight of sadness and whisper of the secrets in the night.

Find out more about Eli Gauden on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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