Suggestion – Think About Sects (2021)

If you are a fan of metal but still look for something a little different, Suggestion is the band you should be paying attention to. Drawing on thrash metal sensibilities, they combine it with funky movements for their self-proclaimed style of thrash-funk. Using this extremely unique sound, they are diving into the secrets humanity keeps from itself through the tracks of Think About Sects. Inspired by current events, the EP touches on sensitive topics before diving head-first into dystopia and reptilian overlords.

Creating this amazing sound and hitting these heavy topics are King Bong (guitar, vocals), Frank Wolfman (drums) and Malcolm Sects (bass). Wolfman and King Bong starts playing together in the early 2000s before they met Sects on Myspace. Together, they have crafted a sound that brings their desire to help humanity to our ears in a rather unforgettable way.

The EP opens with ‘One Man Enter (Two Men Leave)’ which brings the metal guitars out for a blast from the first moment. There is an amazing thrash metal feeling to the melody and vocals. As King Bong’s vocals growl through your senses, you are taken into an exploration of extreme emotional trauma and PTSD that results in fractures in personality. While the vocals dig their claws into the subject, the melody pounds through you and has you wanting to jump around. The chorus is ridiculously catchy and will have you screaming along with the band. Later in the track, there is a bridge where the music takes hold of you and throws you into the mosh pit of sound. The energy of the track vibrates through you like electricity and has you going crazy.

‘Snake Bite’ has a funkier movement resting in the low levels of the melody. The vocals and melody warble and vibrate through you with a serpentine flow. While funkier, there is a darker movement to the single as it takes a more fantasy turn in the lyrics. The vocals throw you into a world where humanity is subjugated by reptilian overlords and fill you with the emotional consequences of this. The undeniable energy of the opening track is threaded into this one and continues to shake you from the inside out. When the melodic bridge comes, the guitar soars with a gentle whine before spiralling into a freefall.

There is a different feeling to ‘Die By My Spade’ as it brings a heavy influence of thrash metal to your ears. While this is the case, there is a touch of industrial woven in for a dystopic vibe for broken landscapes and desolation. The swing of the vocals into an almost rap brings a new texture to the song. There is a serious aggression to this track that hits out at a ruling elite removing instruments of uprising from the general population. The interplay between the lyrics brings the clash of people to sonic glory while pumping you with the anger of the general population in the story. It is a really intense single that is an absolute blast to listen to.

‘Cut Form the Same Cloth’ draws you in with a stop-start opening that rumbles into an addictive flow. Through the lyrics, the band considers how people are divided into groups that share more in common than they disagree. While touching on the divisions of society, there is a strange reaching across the aisle to this track. The acknowledgement that we are all cut from the same cloth offers a commonality that should overcome all the divisions. While touching on this, there is the understanding that this common link is generally not enough. On the melodic bridge, the guitars call out to each other in a conversation through the absolutely amazing back and forth.

The EP comes to a close with the title track ‘Think About Sects’ and its breaking news opening. The sound samples of bounds and gunfire are the perfect backdrop for the news opening. While this leads you to assume the single is about divisions and war, there is a very different message in the track. Through the lyrics, the band considers advertising and the subliminal messaging woven into them. The play on words in the lyrics is great while the really funky and groovy tones is a great inclusion. This is the track that really brings their thrash-funk style to the EP as you punch through with metal growls before moving to the funky moments.

Suggestion fills your senses with the intensity of thrash metal before sliding into funk and thought-provoking lyrics with their EP Think About Sects. While each track touches on a new serious topic, the infectious sound of the band is woven into each. Through growling vocals that make you want to shout with them to guitars that call out to each other, the band has you addicted to their sound.

Find out more about Suggestion on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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