Jon Dacks – Beautiful Lady (2021)

With the first single off his new album Feel Like We Do, Jon Dacks blends soul with pop, funk and grooves that capture the imagination. ‘Beautiful Lady’ is a wonderfully soulful single that not only whets the appetite for the album but also gives you a taster of what to expect in the future. Bringing a blend of old school soul to a contemporary edge, Dacks throws in a touch of nostalgia for good measure.

While this single comes from his first self-produced album, Dacks is no newcomer to the music industry. After taking a decade long break from music to focus on other aspects of life, the pandemic reminded him of his passion for music. Now, he is back unleashing his fusion sound on the world with the help of some amazingly talented session musicians.

The drums that open ‘Beautiful Lady’ have a rather funky movement to them. This slides into soulful flows when the guitar plucks its way through the rich undergrowth of the melody. There is such a smooth slide to the melody that you can’t help but sway to the rhythm. The rich warmth of the music tickles your brain while the beats make themselves known. As you vibe down the river of sound that is the melody, you are taken in by the layers of instrumentation. Each instrument has a moment to shine as the music moves from thick flows to a groovy jangle of fun and good vibes. The arrangement is tight while bringing a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours.

Resting on and riding over the delightful movement of music are Dacks’ vocals. His voice brings some old school soul to the single. There is something about his vocals that adds to the richness of the melody while glittering over it and leading you into the story of the track. The lyrics are an interesting mix of retro soul and contemporary movements. Through his performance, you can feel the thick heat of the moment that makes you smile and sink into the lushness of the track.

Jon Dacks covers you in the richness of his music while bringing old school soul sensibilities to a modern edge in ‘Beautiful Lady’. The single is rich and warm from start to finish with a swing to the arrangement that has you grooving to the rhythm. Dacks’ vocals add to the old-school vibe while undeniably hooking you into the heat of the track.

Find out more about Jon Dacks on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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